3 Things to Look for When Buying Hair Extensions

Low-priced hair extensions seem like an excellent idea at the time: You go online and purchase a pack of cheap extensions, and when they finally do arrive they seem perfect, so you think that you got a great deal! Don’t get me wrong, we all love getting a good deal, but when it comes to purchasing hair extensions, low-cost hair extensions should be a deal breaker. They’re usually covered in harsh chemicals bad quality.

Look Out For Fillers!

There are quite a few cheap hair extensions that are full of fillers made from synthetic or animal hair. This type of hair will always get dry, wiry and unmanageable. You can’t walk around with frizzy or matted hair because everyone will know you’re wearing extensions, so you have no choice but to buy a second set of extensions this one of higher quality. You’ll also have to make another trip to the salon to get them installed. More time and money!

Hair Extension Quality

The quality of hair extensions is the first thing you should be looking at. 100% virgin and Remy hair is sold at a premium price because it lasts for a long time, doesn’t tangle as much and blends in well with your natural hair.  Remy hair and virgin are best for human hair extensions. Some manufacturing processes are so quick and fast that they strip the hair in the process! So ensure that you choose a company that has gentle processing and Eco-friendly processing to guarantee high-quality hair.  If you’re looking for premium quality 100% Remy hair extensions visit http://ehhairextensions.com.au/what-are-skin-weft-extensions/.

Hair Volume

There is a major difference between single and double drawn extensions. With single drawn extensions the hair is shorter, and longer lengths are put into one pack. The short strands of hair are more affordable so make sure that you put them in as fillers to meet the weight requirement. Whereas with double drawn extensions the hair is all the same length. This is how hair extensions should be! Thick and voluminous!

Manufacturing Methods

There are two ways to manufacture hair extensions. The quickest way and also the worst is to put the hair in a harsh hot bleach bath, and then colour the hair and cover it in chemicals. This manufacturing process destroys the quality of the hair and completely strips the cuticles. After covering the hair in chemicals they are coated in silicone to make it feel soft, but the Remy and virgin hair get ruined in the process. So be careful because even if the hair is 100% Remy it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s in excellent quality. The other way to manufacturer’s hair extensions requires a longer process; this process is the proper way to manufacture hair. The hair is slowly depigmented, not stripping the hair, and keeping the cuticles and quality intact. After that, the hair then goes through a slower colouring process using ONLY Eco-friendly materials. This manufacturing process makes all the difference and will produce durable and high-quality 100% Remy or Virgin hair as opposed to the faster, harsher way of manufacturing hair.