An Absolute Must Have; The G-Shock Men’s GA 100 Camouflage Watch- Grey

The G-Shock men’s GA camouflage watch is an analog-digital watch with a stopwatch, quartz movement and world time.  Water resistance up to 200 meters is one of its unique features.

Highlighting among the best tactical watches for the modern man, the silver or gold coloring of the hands gives it a classy look that complements its masculine character. The watch incorporates the best available features in a bold, contemporary look.

Water Resistance

One of the strongest selling points of this good tactical watch, the 200 M water resistance allows you to freely indulge in underwater activities such as swimming, snorkeling as well as scuba diving.

This watch has a water resistance that makes it an ideal companion for a diver.

Hardy and Masculine

If there was ever a watch that screamed masculinity- this is it. The camouflage watch face contrasted with the grey gives it an earthy appeal that adds plenty of character to the wearer.

The metallic hands are a smart addition- it’s stylish and office wearable as well. With an appeal that cuts across men of all age groups, this watch as a gift option is a no-brainer.

The Look

Featuring a rugged, yet classic look and feel, the new camouflage pattern is the latest watch entrant in the well-liked XL-GA 100 series.

The basic grey coloring is given a nice lift with the camouflage pattern on the watch face.

Other Add-Ons

Some important additional features in this watch are its anti-magnetic structure, shock resistance and adjustable band. The larger watch face makes it easy to read and utilize all the displays such as the digital second’s display, world time.

For the sportsman, the speed indicator and 1/1000th-second stopwatch is an essential value addition.


  • The camouflage grey and black gives the watch plenty of character, and it’s a perfect gifting option.
  • 200 M water resistance that takes it notches above other tactical watches- suitable for scuba diving as well.
  • Easy to set up, this watch can be gifted to anyone of any age, a great gift for someone who is an active outside person.
  • Combines functionality and looks with ease.
  • Durable and sock resistant.


  • This watch could do with glow in the dark hour and minute hands.
  • The watch strap is a bit thin compared to other G-shock watches.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is there a second hand on the watch?
  2. There is no second hand, but a great digital seconds’ display.
  3. What color is this watch model?
  4. The model here is grey. However, it’s available in basic black as well.


Simply put, this watch has character. Coupled with great functionality and value for money, it is a perfect buy for the all-rounder man. It is a great gift as well, with its modern look and newer features.

Featuring at the top in the best tactical watch reviews the G-Shock men’s GA camouflage watch is spot on- in terms of product offerings, look, as well as feel.