An effective watch repairing service

There are a wide range of watch brands such as Sonata, Rolex, Titan, Casio etc. It is not a cup of tea for any general watch repairer to repair such watches. It requires skills and experience to design and repair watches. Firstly made a thorough checking as why a watch is not working properly. Sometimes a watch may suffer from various faults so diagnose the causes then go for accurate repairing. Some watches need only their battery to be replaced or may have some minor problems and can be back to normal condition by oiling or cleaning. Thus you must go to a professional watch repairer.

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Processes involved in repairing a watch

There are many processes involved in watch repair and to avail the best services, you can visit A watch repair service center employs skilled and experienced watch repairers. In order to ensure well functioning of your watch, its time to time servicing is required. Various processes or methods to maintain a watch are discussed below:

Overhauling: A mechanical watch requires complete overhauling every four to five years. For it, first the professionals carefully dismantle the parts of a watch, cleaning and oiling of the parts is done and then the damaged parts are replaced if required. Polishing and refinishing of the bracelets is done if instructed. Water resistant tests are also done on watches and one year time period guarantee is given.

Polishing: A watch after few months loses its shine and some scratches also start appearing on them which are unavoidable. Moreover if you are thinking of selling your watch then you have to get it polished. In such cases polish is done on bracelets and buckles to give them its originality.

Gaskets replacement: All watches are installed with gaskets like crystal gasket, bezel gasket, crown gasket etc. It prevents your watch from dust, perfume, moisture and other such substances and thereby increasing your watch life. They need to be oiled timely and also replaced if necessary.