Best handheld game system

If you can’t decide on which best handheld game console to purchase?  Then find out what are the features and capabilities of some of the best portable gaming gadgets. As much other technology evolved as handheld game console and they are no longer limited for gaming purposes only. With advanced features like WIFI, you can now able to make Skype calls using your game console. And then you can also store and your favorite music or watch movies on the go.

There are more game consoles to choose from and by making it difficult to pick one over the other. The New 3DS has the best improvement over to the regular 3DS model and when it comes to the 3D and there is an infrared sensor that allows for eye tracking then keeps the 3D focused, even when the device moves.

Has built-in NFC

This means Amiibo and Amiibo card support for scanning in figures and the cards with a tap to use as add-ons in certain games and previous models did not have this type of function.

There is no charger included

To keep the price down on the unit Nintendo has chosen to not include a charger with the device and the meaning if you do not have one already or then purchase one you will not be able to use the device past the half charge that it has out of the box.

  • Some of the available white themed bundles in the US

The only model that is available in the US is the white color one and it can only be purchased by an Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer bundle or the Pokémon. This ultimately raise the rate of the unit as each of the bundle comes with a differentgame.

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  • PRO Succeeds as a niche indie game device

There are very few dedicated best handheld game system out there with the 3DS being and the main competition to the Vita. They don’t  have much overlap on the content making process for a good device to own ,when you own a 3DS due to the library that consist of many good indie games that are not to be found on.

  • Rear touchpad has too many accidental clicks

There are not many games that are for the Vita that utilizes the rear touchpad and those people that do have a problem withthe imprecise input. This can also complicate the games which then rely on the virtual button presses a tap may be altogether missed done when not wanted and this messing up ones play sessions

  • Lack of AAA games

Sony that have released the Vita, has published or that has produced very few AA games for the Vita, with more latest releases that are coming from the third parties and especially the indie developers and what is supposed to be a important handheld Sony’s announcement of no AA games to come is very exciting.

  • Has built in NFC

This indicates that Amiibo and Amiibo card only support for scanning in all the different figures and cards with a tap to then use as add-ons in some of the certain types of games and previous models that did not have this type of function.