How To Buy A Good Quality Perfume At Affordable Price?

Colognes and perfumes help a great deal in enhancing the beauty of men and women. A good fragrance can help to evoke fond memories, create good smell and lift up your and mood of others who come in your contact.

Nowadays, there are almost hundred types of colognes and perfumes available in market and choosing a smell which suits you can be a difficult task. This guide will brief you some tips to choose a perfume and cologne matching your unique personality and style.

Things To Consider

  • Choosing A Smell

Each cologne or perfume has various “notes” which determine its overall smell/fragrance. The mentioned note has three layers known as middle, top, and base. All the layers work together to create a specific fragrance.

For instance, some cologne, which is considered to be floral have different perfume notes such as geranium, gardenia and rose etc. Usually, exotic perfumes have spicy notes such as cinnamon and star anise.

Men’s scents contain more notes in comparison to women’s notes due to strong smell effect required in them. Musk scents contain more masculine and heavier tone in comparison to other ones which have leather and pine based notes. In case you’re also looking for a strong fragrance, you can buy Parfums De Marly Oajan.

  • Test the Smell

It is important that before you buy any cologne or perfume, you check its smell. Testing the fragrance will give you an idea of whether it is actually something you want or not. One of the best ways to test a smell is by applying the perfume on your skin.

There are various cosmetics and departmental stores which keep testers so that buyers can test the perfume before making actual purchase. You can also visit one such departmental store to buy colognes and perfume after testing it. It is worth mentioning point here testing plays an important role before buying perfume since our skin has unique code of pheromones and hormones which can change the way a perfume smells.

Hence, it is great idea to spray some cologne on your wrist and then check the smell on your skin. However, it smell on skin may also not be a clear indication of how a perfume exactly smells because different perfumes have different chemical formulation. This difference can either increase or diminish the actual smell. Apart from this, you can see the alteration in fragrance if your skin has a particular chemistry which doesn’t match with the mixture of perfume. In case retail stores aren’t reachable to you, you can do some online tests to determine the type of suitable scent as per your skin. You can buy Parfums De Marly Godolphin, if you prefer strong smells.

  • Price of the Perfume

Price of the scent plays an important role while making a purchase. It is important that you check the prices carefully before buying perfume from a particular shop. You can buy Parfums De Marly Laytonone of the most affordable perfumes.


Hope this guide will help you to buy a good quality perfume.