The Influence Of Social Media Over Fashion

Social media has big influence on our day to day life. From sharing small clicks to friends to commending them on their good posts, almost everybody spends some time on social media. People who have never met each other personally are good friends on social media. People meet through social media and get married. Simply put, social media is now a big part of everyone’s life.

Now brands are taking advantage of it. Even just a few years ago, most companies used to spend millions on placing advertisement on television, radios, newspapers etc. but now they know the influence of social media over consumers and so all good brands are switching over to social media as a marketing outlet.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr are the biggest social media marketing platforms available today. They all have billions of active members. So, it is easy to reach many customers through them.  Fashion was always dependent on media for drawing in customers, and now with the advent of social media, this has become more apparent than ever.

Social media and fashion

Fashion industry bigwigs like Veronica M are using the social media to interact with their consumers to show their online presence. But it is also helping the designers in creating new fashion trends. And it is not only that the social media is influencing the fashion industry, it is also helping the fashion industry to spread its influence. Big designers and brands are now more accessible. You don’t need to be celebrities or millionaires to buy exclusive fashion wear anymore.

Earlier, not many people dominated the fashion industry, only handful of big names were known and only their opinions counted, but today a simple fashion blogger can have a huge influence over the customers and in turn over the designers working under big brands. It is also true that television channels and fashion shows have also made a shift in the fashion industry and how most people perceive it.

Why it is so easy to be a part of fashion world with the help of social media

Social media has naturally interactive quality which helps normal people to easily share their views to the designers. Actually a lot of people are using social media networking sites for wardrobe advice. Tweets about latest fashion are increasing day by day. More and more people share images of fashion shows from the side of the ramps. The main point here is that people are now much closer to fashion world and can also influence it with the help of social media, which is really good for the industry.