Know about the interesting facts about Rolex watches

Rolex is a sign of rich and wealthy life style. If you have a Rolex watch then you are successful, sophisticated and definitely rich. Rolex is a worldwide famous and expensive watch manufacturing company. Not only by businessmen, Rolex is also used in many famous English movies! If you want to find out more than you can visit besides its quality and popularity, there are lot more things that everyone should know. There are still some unknown facts of Rolex that didn’t come in limelight. The company started in 1908, Switzerland. Do you know that the owner of the Rolex Company choose Switzerland just because there are many other watch makers are also living there! There are thousands of unrevealed story of the company that are interesting as well as amazing to know. If you are interested in knowing more about the subject, then here are some other facts too.Image result for Know about the interesting facts about Rolex watches

Rolex is still using man power for manufacturing

Sounds really weird?  In today’s modern life, Rolex still believes in human hands for arranging and manufacturing watches. There is no machine used in making a watch and maybe that’s why, it takes more than one year to make a Rolex watch.

The secret behind “Rolex” name

Many of you may be not aware with the secret behind the name of the Rolex Company. The owner of the company chose Rolex name just because it can be easily pronounced by anyone in any language. Not only that, another reason was the fact that it looks good on the watch’s dial.

Rolex and year of 1980’s

Do you ever wonder why Rolex is so pricey? Believe or not, it’s related to the year 1980’s. history say that Rolex was not that expensive but after the birth of yuppie class peoples that got too obsessed over buying an Rolex for showing their opulent status to others, that made Rolex watches too expensive.