How to pull off a double-breasted jacket

Most men will have a blazer or suit jacket hanging in their wardrobe. Heading to a formal event? The jacket will make an appearance. Wanting a night out with the boys? A jacket will finish off the look. It’s one piece of clothing that can work for any occasion which is why getting it right is so important. With double-breasted jackets making a return to popularity, take a look at how you can pull off the look.

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What’s the difference?

If you do own a suit jacket, the likelihood is that it is a single-breasted one, especially if it was bought as a fashion piece and not as part of a formal suit. If the front comes together at one point, usually with one, two or three buttons then it is single-breasted. If your jacket overlaps and has up to eight buttons then you are one of the few who has a double-breasted jacket. If that’s the case, now’s the time to get it out and make the most of it.

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The modern jacket

The double-breasted jacket used to be wide with a boxy appearance. However, in order to reinvent itself, the new styles have become much slimmer and shorter in order to tie in with the fitted trend. It means that the old double-breasted jacket, nicknamed DBs, have been given a well-needed makeover to fit into modern day fashion. Celebrities have been at the forefront of the trend, swapping their single-breasted suits for DBs to wear on red carpets all over the globe.

How to wear it

Wearing a classic styled shirt underneath your DB is not new, but it’s a classic look that still has much relevance. Try mens Farah shirts such as those found here or if you’re feeling brave, pair it with a graphic or printed shirt instead. For formal events, you should wear matching trousers to complete the look but for a more casual outfit you could wear it with jeans or chinos.

Of course, the colour of your jacket will determine the shoes you wear, but remember just because you are wearing a jacket it doesn’t mean they have to be formal. Try a pair of casual loafers to really add style to your overall look and complete it with a classic watch.