Rolex Watches: Tips to Buy a Used Watch on the Internet

Buying used rolex watches can save your thousands of dollars as compared latest retail price. However, one must be careful when buying online since there are many fakes out there. Here are some tips which will reduce the chances that you will make a bad buying decision.

Check Seller’s Reputation: When buying online it is necessary to check for the seller’s reputation; and by doing that you are on your way to avoiding possible scams. Also remember these points,

  • If you are thinking to buy your watch on popular auction website you should first check the seller’s feedback.
  • If you are using a search engine it is good to know how long the website has been and see if you can find more about the website.
  • Also, it is useful to know if the company has well-explained policies on the web. Also find out if they have a warranty policy and a refund policy.Image result for Rolex Watches: Tips to Buy a Used Watch on the Internet

Inquiry for Model Number: When you are prepared to buy pre-owned Rolex watch you need to do some basic research and find out which is the model number that you are searching for. At that point, you have to ask the dealer what is the model number of the watch you have the interest to check whether it matches. The purpose behind this is that a few merchants redo watches so as to make buyers trust they are purchasing a more up to date watch.

Ask For First Three Digits Of Serial Number: The first the digits of the serial number will help you decide what year the watch was manufactured.

Ask for More Pictures If Available: In most cases, sellers only put one picture of the watches on their website, in such a case it is always a good idea to ask for more pictures including one of the bracelets, one of the back side, and one of the movement. Also, make sure that the photos listed on the site are of the actual watch and not stock photos.