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The brand, Chanel which is credited with revolutionizing fashion by introducing the little black dress is one of the most adored and coveted luxury brands across the world.

One of the most famous quotes of Chanel’s Founder, Coco Chanel, “I don’t do fashion, I am fashion” has become the brand’s ideology.

Year after year Chanel introduces haute couture that not only leaves its audience awestruck but also becomes part of fashion history. The enigmatic founder of the brand, Coco Chanel began her fashion career by designing hats. Her first store was opened in 1913 and as her hats became more and more popular, she started selling clothes as well.

She was bold enough to design and launch more comfortable clothing for women that went against the then fashion trend of corsets and other confining garments. She took the color black, which was considered as a mourning color and presented it in her collection which is famously known as the little black dress.


Coco Chanel is the only fashion designer who made it to the Times Magazine’s 100 most influential people of the century.

When the visionary, eclectic and iconic Karl Lagerfeld joined the house of Chanel in 1983, he redefined the house of Chanel and breathed new life into the then stagnant house of Chanel. He effortlessly revived the elite status that the brand had achieved when Coco Chanel was alive.

Today the brand has products in every category. Be it ready to wear, accessories, jewelry, shoes, fragrances, and of course the favorite of many ladies- Handbags.

Chanel handbags are considered the epitome of luxury. The famous Chanel 2.55 flap bag has been carried by many celebrities and Princess Diana herself. The quilted leather and the famous interlocking CC are instantly recognizable. The bag was first created in 1920’s by Coco Chanel.

The quilted leather that she used in the bag was inspired by jackets she saw male stable hands wear. She decided to add a flap to the bag because it was socially unacceptable for women to carry bags on their shoulders. The handbag back in 1955 coasted a mere $220 today costs a little over $6000.

While Chanel continues to increase the price of its handbags and accessories, year on year; women across the world find pre-owned Chanel handbags and accessories a more convenient and affordable option. Not only one will find a more suitable Chanel handbag in the pre-owned luxury market but also she will not have to pay the hefty price that a Chanel demands.

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