Tips stating how to grow weed the right way!

Marijuana enthusiasts along with using the plant for rolling spliffs also look into another aspect- its cultivation. Time after time, hobbyists often post questions on online forums about how to grow weed- if not a bunch but one little pot plant of their own.

You being an avid weed lover might also have the same question in your mind. Well, you seem to land up in the right place. So sit back, roll up one and follow these surefire tips.

How to grow weed?

  • Selecting your place and considering the right temperature:

You will need to figure out where exactly you want to grow your plant. This implies indoors or outdoors.

  • Indoors

Growing weed indoors proves a safer option and also gives you better control over your plant. It is also fairly cheaper and you can grow it just about at any space having access to fresh air and water.

If you do prefer growing it indoors, you will have to consider the place’s temperature.

  • For younger plants, they grow fast in temperatures between 20 to 30 degree C
  • But if you opt for a fairly older strain, then the right growing temperature should be between 18-26 degree C.

Along with the temperature, you will also need to ensure that your plants get the right amount of light as well.

Powerful lights give out more heat. So, if you are thinking of using them then ensure that you also install an air conditioner and exhaust system to keep temperatures in check. Lighting options such as Fluorescent T5/T8 or compact fluorescent bulbs deem appropriate for growing weed indoors.

  • Outdoor

On the contrary, if you prefer growing your pot/spliff plant amidst nature, then you should worry about feasible pollination and thieves.

While you don’t need to provide lights and air to your plant, you do need to select a location where the temperature is right and air circulation is adequate.

The logic is simple; if the temperature is too hot/cold for you, it’s also applicable for your plants too.

You also need to safeguard your plant from elements such as rain so that it does not get too much wet. Plus, you need to check whether they are getting the right amount of sunlight. Experts say the right way would be to expose them from 10 am to 4 pm.

  • Proper Strain selection

Strains imply a genetic variant of your pot plant and over the web, you will find them in categories namely Indica and Sativa. The former are a bit taller and heavier while the later are shorter and denser.

To determine your right strain, you can refer to seed shops for the right kind of plant, effect and yield. With that, you will also learn about the other aspects such as the amount of watering, light and care you will need to bestow upon it.

As a tip, always opt for feminized seeds as they are extremely fertile in producing harvestable weed plants.

  • Harvesting time:

Another crucial thing about growing weed properly is to know the right harvest time. Experts say when tiny resins upon your weed flowers (also known as trichomes) change from a cloudy color to an amber texture.

  • Harvesting too early leads to premature bud development devoid of proper effect
  • Whereas harvesting way too late will make its psychoactive component (THC) oxidize. This will degrade the weed quality and on consumption will make you ill or feel nauseated.

Also while doing so; you will also need to properly cure the harvested flower. Experts suggest doing it in small clusters, hanging those buds on racks to dry off properly and preserving them inside jars.

These are some ‘how to grow weed’ tips which will help you start off. As a final tip – just let go of all fear you have. Treat it like your child and the results will happen.