Top 5 Rivoli beads patterns

Women have been in love with the Rivoli beads since the very beginning. The special shapes and colors of the beads attract everyone. The best thing about the beads in that you can use them to make jewelry or to decorate different things.

There has been a misconception that Rivoli beads are only available in the oval or circular forms. There are many different and exciting patterns of beads available that it often becomes hard to select one. Here we have the most famous patterns of beads available in the market.


The most famous and commonly used pattern of Rivoli beads is the circle. It is mostly used to make pendants and earrings. The beads are mostly large in size and that is why they look perfect. Mostly they are surrounded by the small size of beads to create a pattern or a design. The circular bead is often taken as the base around which the rest of the design is formed. They are available in all matte and shiny shades.

2-Two-hole beads

The two holes Rivoli beads are available everywhere. They are used on dresses, in jewelry and in decorating different decoration pieces. A few years back the two-hole beads were very famous as they were used to décor the wedding dresses. These beads are easy to use because of the two holes and they can be stitched quickly in any shape.

3-Oval shaped beads

The oval-shaped beads are rarely found but they are very beautiful.

  • The biggest attraction of these beads is the unique designs engraved in them.
  • Whether they are made from glass or metal, experts will make special designs on the beads.
  • Sometimes it seems like special signs and when used to make jewelry it helps to create some of the unique and chic pieces.

4-Multi-shade beads

Most of the women want to have the multi-shade Rivoli beads because of their unique combination of colors. These beads are often bought by the designers because they know how to enhance the beauty of these beads. The best thing about these beads is that they can be merged with any color.

5-Crystal Rivoli beads

The crystal Rivoli beads are mostly found in the pure color of the glass. They have a unique shine and the shape of the crystal is given to the beads. They are available in both single and two-hole versions. Some of the specialists have been able to manufacture the crystals in black and other attractive shades.

Bottom line

Rivoli beads are not easily found and most of the online stores have the fake ones. Remember that the real beads will never lose their color, shine, and texture. That is why you have to be extra careful while searching for the beads and its retailers. Assure that you select more than one stores and compare their products and rates. It will provide you the chance to finalize the most affordable deal. Select the shape and pattern of Rivoli beads that meet your demands and budget.