I Tried It: Tape Hair Extensions

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Why I Got Them

My hair isn’t crazy thin, but it’s thinner than I would like. My hair stylists have always told me that I have a lot of hair, but the individual strands are thin. I bought clip in hair extensions for my wedding, and have worn them off and on since.

I found myself wearing them a lot on blog photo shoot days, and I just like the way they make my hair look; although I was getting sick of putting them in, and taking them back out. Plus, I would always be in a hurry when putting them in, and I would do the worst job (the clips were showing to the world on most days I wore them, haha).

What The Process Was Like

Much easier & faster than I thought. I went in, and the stylist matched my hair to the hair samples she had in the salon. She ordered the hair for me from Jadore Tape Hair Extensions, and I came back a couple of weeks later for my appointment. When I arrived at my appointment, I also needed my colour updated, so we did that first.

After my colour, the stylist and her assistant put the extensions in. It was so quick, and easy. It didn’t hurt at all, and I was really surprised how light they felt when they were done putting them in. They actually felt lighter than my clip ins, which is amazing.

What The Up-Keep Is Like

My stylist told me that I would need to come in every 8-10 weeks and get the extensions re-tabbed. She said I should be able to use the same hair for 2-3 of those times, and then we would need to order new hair. She also said if you want the hair to last as long as possible then you need to make sure you take care of it as best as you can.

How To Take Care of Them

This is the part I’m still getting used to since I’m a pretty low-maintenance hair & makeup person. The first time I washed my hair in the shower I was like “Holy heck these are kind of heavy when they are wet, lol). I think it will take a little getting used to, but it’s obviously worth it!  Here are the things she suggested:

  • You’ll only really need to wash your hair once a week (dry shampoo in between washes to keep your hair looking fresh)
  • Brush your hair often, so the extensions don’t tangle. At least 1-2 times a day
  • Wear your hair in a low pony tail or braid when sleeping at night to avoid tangling
  • You can style your hair as usual, and you will find that your curls hold even better with the extensions

Some Things I’ve Noticed

That my hair looks awesome now, haha. I’m not sure how I will feel when I get them taken out, or maybe I will never get them taken out, lol. There’s a certain confidence that comes with having fuller, thicker-looking hair.

Sleeping was a little awkward the first couple of nights. I was worried I was going to mess up the extensions when I went to lay my head on my pillow. This is normal, and soon you won’t even feel them or worry about them. Drying my hair takes a lot longer. I think this is pretty standard for people with more hair. Small price to pay in my opinion.

Wearing your hair in a high ponytail or topknot might not work out so well. The extensions could show this way, and I feel like it would pull on them. Once they grow out a little bit, you might be able to wear your hair like this more easily.