Wooden Watches – A Rapidly Growing Trend

Fashion is all about the next hottest trend. What’s everyone talking about now? What is everyone excited about? Over the past year or so the hottest trend around has been the wooden watch. Each timepiece is unique in it’s own way, handcrafted to perfection. Unlike your traditional watch made from plastic or metals,  wooden watches are eco-friendly, one-of-a-kind, and a definite statement piece. Like most industries, the wood watch niche has an array of brands, artisans, and manufacturers which all create their products at different levels of craftsmanship. Whether you’re looking for a nice casual watch, or a high-end luxury watch, this steaming hot fashion trend has everything under the sun.

   Everyone’s always looking for the next hip thing, and there’s just something about the natural beauty that wood gives to a watch. Like a snowflake, no piece of wood is exactly the same. Everyone’s fascinated with which forest or jungle their watch originated from, which artisan spent hours crafting their specific piece or how intricate the grain patterns are. Most people now of days are looking for that special statement piece to show off to their friends and family. The wooden watch is exactly that.Image result for Wooden Watches - A Rapidly Growing Trend

Some of the most popular trees used to create these watches are as followed:

Ebony – comes from India, Sri Lanka, Western Africa, and even Indonesia depending on the exact species. Ebony is a dark black wood that can come from a few different species of trees in the genus diospyros.

Zebrawood – is pretty much solely in Africa. Like the name implies, zebra wood has a nice rich grain that is stipe like. The grain tends to be a dark black while the surrounding wood is more of a light brown or cream color, but can get into the yellowish brown spectrum. Zebrawood is a hard wood, and the grain can vary.

Maple – is mostly found in North America and Europe. Maple is a great wood that has been used in wood working for ages. It is an affordable one in part because it can grow to as tall as one hundred and fifty feet.

Sandalwood – has been used for centuries for multiple purposes. India is the main home, but Sri Lanka is another common place, also their is even Australian varieties. The oils that it produce have been said to have magical properties.

Bamboo – Bamboo is not technically a wood. It is a tree grass. But since most people think it’s a type of wood, and it happens to be a fantastic material for crafting watches, we will include it. Bamboo can be grown in most of the world, but is commonly found in Asia and Australia.

Whether you are looking for something more eco-friendly on your wrist, or  simply something to dazzle your friends and family, this trend is booming.

Author: Anthony Valentine

Website: www.rusticlub.com